You have spent months reviewing all aspects of the case. You have learned all the intricacies of the problem.  You could build the product, perform the operation, or fix the problem. Now you have at most a few days to educate the jury about everything you have learned regarding this case.

Our visual communications expertise will help clients create most powerful and persuasive presentation. We will provide:

  • Analysis of the case to  identify critical content and themes
  • Design a strategy for the  best methods for presenting the evidence
  • Create all graphics to  support opening statements, expert witness testimony, and  closing arguments.

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding demonstrative evidence is that it's very expensive. That may have been true in the past. Today's ultra-fast computers and software allow renderings to been produced in hours versus days.Lighting and shadowing once thought as time consuming is now a vital function of a well produced animation. Stereo lithography or 3D printing have revolutionized the construction of exhibits, and digital photography has opened a whole new realm of capabilities.    

Let Eleventh Hour Animation assist you in developing the most persuasive, accurate and most importantly, admissible, graphic presentation available today.